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ULIP [Unit Linked Insurance Plans] as the name suggests are the market instruments which give security of insurance with capital appreciation[ie. MF + Insurance] and is one of the most selling financial product in the insurance industry constituting over 70% of the premiums generated by insurance companies.

The ULIP’s are also one of the most controversial products because of hefty charges implied on them as various commissions and due to these heavy commissions many reports of mis-selling have been registered with the authorities.

In the section we will cover all topics for ULIP like should you buy, why(or whynot) to buy, which one to buy and from where to buy.

Though this product is a new entrant in the markets so no track records have been include

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MF : 

MUTUAL FUNDS are also market instruments with a long and proven track record. They are available with wide range of products all ranging from equities, debt and commodities.

As they do not cover any insurance so there are very minimal charges implied on these products.

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